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ClickBank currently has 100,000 + active affiliates. Thousands of new ClickBank beginners sign up every day and do not know where to start.

First, you need to find products to promote and that is, of course, what our site is about. Helping ClickBank affiliates find rising and under-exposed products in the ClickBank marketplace.

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There is no magical formula to making money with ClickBank except to state the general theory: the more of your hoplinks that are clicked the more sales you make. But not always. Sometimes it’s how you pre-sell it. But generally speaking the more hoplinks clicked, the more sales you make.

This is one free report, ClickBank for Beginners, that goes over the very, very basics. H. Segal has been around basically since the inception of ClickBank and just hands out good, practical advice.

A lot of people want me to walk them through making money with ClickBank and it’s hard to do one-on-one (At some point maybe we will have a coaching program, but this is a software site and we spend most of our time running it).

I also point ClickBank beginners to this product. It’s been around for a while, but it is still just as relevant as the day it launched. It is all about real, actionable traffic generating methods. He has some earnings screenshots, etc. which might seem hypey, but the product is not. It shows you how to generate traffic (the lifeblood of any site), which leads to more of your hoplinks getting clicked and more sales.

That product is the real deal.

Most ClickBank beginners have an attitude of not spending any money to start making money with ClickBank which brings back the old adage — “It takes money to make money.” Knowledge is everything when it comes to online marketing. The more of it you have, the more money you will make. Same with any other job.

I had the exact same spend no money attitude the first year I started and made a big fat ZILCH. I wouldn’t quit because I really wanted a business where I could create a passive income. (Before that I was doing highly stressful web development for small to mid-sized companies).

So one day I decided to start investing in marketing information and that’s when things started to change. I actually learned things and, BEHOLD!, I started making sales. I never  followed any program to a T, but I would invest in them and glean information and started cobbling together my own knowledge base.

There’s obviously  a lot of free information out there geared toward clickbank for beginners, but it takes longer to find. You end up putting in a lot of hours scouring forums, reading free articles when you could save the time and just bite the bullet and buy some solid information to get you going. That’s what I finally did.

This is the product I recommend for beginners — Check it out. 

I’ve been meaning to create this blog entry for a long time (so I don’t have to write the same email over and over :) ) and as I find other good products for ClickBank beginners I will update this blog entry.

– Matt

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